Friday, May 3, 2013

mY NEw mACHine FoR MalakOFF unIVERsitI DuathLON mALaySia 2013,.

Hello worlds,hope there are some nice day to you,.here some informations that i thinks it must being shared to all,.
First of all,thanks to for giving me some information about this shoes,.

HEre are some picture that i want to showed up and sharing about the benefits that i realise when i used up this shoes,.so great and powerful engineered..
this My new machine,it's name skechers go run 2.
This is what we called,skechers go run 2,.i have used up to 10 miles,it's owesome,.it's design with flatlock stitching that ensure the performance better,.
with flatlock stitching

 also give a reflect of light in dark conditions that make it can be use all time,.react as road safety,.

give a reflection of light
this red like you see is great,.when you running,you can feel it better that encourages you to run better and steady,.also promotes a mid foot strike with a lightweight shoes ever that i have tried,.
that red we called go impulse sensor

it's promote midfoot strike and prevent the heel strike that can cause knee injured and others
 the importance things that it have is resalyte cushioning,.that make it's comfortable for long distance runner because it's don't make your foot become blistered again,.i have try and it's works on me..
comfortable with resalyte cushioning

Mstrike technologies that promotes midfoot strike
 here are the benefits,.
here are some new technology
 besides that,it's easier to wear even we are in rushing like event triathlon as example,when we want to change the bike shoes to running shoes,it's does't take time,.
soft cushioning

the benefits by it's engineered
 yeah,this importance part also,it's give a 4 ways technologies breathable,promotes our foot cool and make the foot move relax ever,.this cushioning also can be used up perform in unsock conditions,.
4 ways breathable that allow toe splay
 then,it can have a progressive flex without tear the fabric,it's promote in all types of running because the performance is set up to progressive conditions,.
have a progressive flex
 last but not least,this skechers go run 2 is the best ever shoes that i have find out and wore before,and i have used up it,it's give and improve my performance better and nothing to say to skechers but only thank you for engineered some greatfull shoes to the world,.
thanks again skechers,that all from me,thanks for the reading,.hope this can help you in the future performance,,