Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My fLAsh PaSt 20 yeARs SuMmAry

   hii.. welcome back.. today, i just want storied up some my past 20 years before today,.just want to sharing some good and bad things together, maybe we could make some touch up and fix all kind of matter just get learns from others past history and doing right??..

        SO LET'S ME START....

it's me, i was born on 29th April 1994 at Malaysia, which is the best place ever for harmonic and peacefull,.Later then, i was being teach how to interface with world and people,.how to speak,,how to walks,how to called papa and mama, and so on., until i grown up to level that we called kids,.
At this part, i was tolerated to be happy go lucky,. always,.and never things on what next will be happen, or lately what i wanna be,. always doing all the matters that enjoyed myself and my parents..
wake up earlier in the morning just to get some stuff of fun with my friends, doing some hide and seek, catch me back until tired then going inside for rest..yeah.. kids,. happy go lucky right? everyone have past that moment,. the best moment ever in their whole life,.

Next we just move on to the preschool process, which is the moment we get to learn and adapt the knowledge and practicing social, the way to interact a new friends and sharing some good ideas but its always in happy go lucky terms right? 

Then we through all the process from grades one until five commonly. yeah,. i passed that process,.many people have many different stories right? they maybe have a many move on in their school life, yeah, sometimes parents got to move to a new places of branch on works sometimes they had a new places for homie,. so its depend on everybody situation,.i'm not,. i just carried all the things in one places, the placed i was born and getting knowledge,.

After we passed through the grades life.. we entering the high school process, yeahh,. this process is so challenge right,. yeah,. the process which can rely your dreams and ambitions,.
The day i was feel astonishing when all the things we must doing on ourselves,. This part of learning system and education was made for ourselves to used and practically think outside the box and it's a process where we prepare our physically and mentality for our future including our knowledge itself.. 

This part of learning process is quiet tough and hard,. but the truly is,. friendships is the great things that we can learn in this stage,. a means of friendships just like having a good one is the best who you can understand when the day(future) just like today happen,. when we can see the great friends who helped you much in better future,. the one who made you suffer enough before, only to see the future smiles not just only for sharing but made up a smiles together..

Then the great moment of friendships and moment write up as history,. After that,. we flow the higher educations system,. where we learn more and more to get a better certificated, to sales our knowledgeable for a better works after we finished it,. Higher education level just like a new school with lifestyles in it,.everyone do their own studies,. do their own maths, algorithm, and so on,. its too complicated when another don't even care what you what to do,.everyone just think their own personal interest without noticed the person around,. the really bad is u need to find out how to get a pocket money, cooking and all the things for your own too,. it's for getting a better performance on your own,. what a fish life,. u need to survive alone and not to get your parents help.. haha,. 
then the day was hard until today.. 

Yeah,. seems like i didn't making some good stories,. because i just only want to get short of it,.Then now the time to get some fresh air,. That only my short story telling.. not interesting but its a demand of my younger mate for give some advice in life,. thanks for reading,. may the bless come to you after,. see ya.. bye..