Friday, February 27, 2015

PeRhEntIAn ISLands MalAysia


    PeRhEntIAn ISLands MalAysia 

       Hi.. really long time that i have been updating my blog,. how i miss my writing here,.
Today, i want to shared a few moment that being city world calm and relax,. here my trips to PERHENTIAN ISLAND,BESUT, which is belongs to the Terengganu, not far away from Kelantan,

      I was make this vacation just a weeks ago, on 19 February 2015 until 21 February 2015,.
Held over 3 DAYS 2 NIGHT with all my business partners,. yeaah,.
Vacation off to perhentian islands

    I just spend over RM 350 OR 100 USD for those full packages, where i got the chalets,
jungle tracking, snorkeling, water rafting,and them also provides my breakfast, lunch and dinners,

This is jetty Kuala Besut where the way to take off to Perhentian Island, which is cost around RM 75 for full package taxi there.. Take off from this jetty early in the morning give some fresh air concern toward our peacefull mind relaxing,. with bumping of wave just make u smiles all the half and hour water journey.. 

just looked up, the blue ocean add up some beautiful corals, but seems like i dont brings Go Pro mine, so the underwater just in memories, but i will get there soon again, for sure,i really like peacefull there,.

arrived to Perhentian Island, it's consist both two islands, which is, big island, and small island,
then i just get into my chalet on that big islands, The Reef was my chalets named, was a famous chalets there, you can google on that named,.

          Then for sure, the best ever i have done there was a snorkeling time, which that time, i realies how underwater life live., before this, we only see it on television, but, at there, you can feel them, just playing with some water taxi (give me to try that stering), so different than drive a car... haha., and people there was so nice,, treats like brother and sister, and a lot of helps we can get there from them,.

small fish there.. 

looks that small fish,. many of them just relaxing there,. and comfort with human  activity..

           how that panorama being in small island,. which is have school, shops, and a kind of stall there,. in front of that picture was big island, includes my chalets, and the snorkling points there, (shark point/ turtles point/ and a lot of fish there.. ^_^

After doing some snorkling, me and friends have some eyes towards small island, this photo was on big islands, infront of there,. a squba diving license or training provide too,. but i don't go for it, because a short trips doesn't make my time for it,.. hehe..

A lot of small fisherman boats park

 I was enjoy my night when walking around, sing a sang and enjoyed some wave sounds,.

I enjoyed all my day there, which is more often like to stay there.. lol.. 

i just loss all my pictures, because my lappy just have been stolen,. so only this pics, i can show,.

here all my friends.. Together we enjoys this life,..

last before i going back, put some souvenir to keep reminds some best moments there,. 
Sorry because a little photos only, and last but not least,. i will come again Perhentian Island, 
and i suggest who doesn't come there, come to relaxing all your tensions of works,
Reward some enjoy for yourself and your family.. 
 thanks for reading,.
Have a Nice day..
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